Marina Abramovic at Serpentine Galleries

‘Marina Abramovic: 512 hours’ is a unique work created by this internationally renown artist for Serpentine Galleries in London, which is taking place since the 11th of June to the 25th of August. Such work is an experiment where Marina Abramovic is performing inside the gallery space from 10am to 6pm six days a week. Such once in a life-time opportunity event is attracting many visitors to the gallery in order to share a fantastic experience with one of the pioneer of performance as an art form and one of the most relevant artist in the entire world.

B ©Rahi Rezvani 2013 Paris_0

Marina Abramovic. Source: Serpentine Galleries

Marina Abramovic is an artist born in Belgrade, Serbia, who started her career as an artist in the 70s and has become internationally renown due to her performing artworks. Her performing works result in extraordinary experiences for visitors and the artist herself, such as the one made in La Gallera in Valencia, Spain in 1998, the one at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York in 2005 or the very popular performance that took place at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2009, where the artist sat down for 716 hours at a table in the atrium of the museum, where viewers were invited to sit opposite and share the presence of the artist.


‘The artist is present’ by Marina Abramovic at MoMA New York 2009. Source: MoMA

On this occasion, the aim of this experiment is to invite the public to become the performing body participating in a simple environment. Visitors enter the gallery space with nothing, and therefore they have to leave everything they are carrying behind , including phones, computers, bags, jackets or watches. The artist is the only thing which is there for them as their living material. Visitors can stay in the exhibition as long as they wish and can leave whenever they consider.

1. Photograph by Marco Anelli 2014

Marina Abramovic at Serpentine Galleries. Source: Serpentine Galleries

Marina Abramovic’s art performance never left anyone indifferent and visitors define their experience as a unique and enriching practice, where the artist provides part of her soul to the environment and to visitors. Therefore, if you are around London we truly recommend you not miss the opportunity of experiencing such and enriching and fantastic event with this unique artist.

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Art Basel 2014

The entire art world is anxious expecting the start of Art Basel 2014. This internationally renown art fair takes place this upcoming weekend, from tomorrow the 19th to the 22nd of June in Basel, Switzerland. This art fair, which is located in the heart of Europe, has become an important reference in the art market for galleries, artists and collectors from all around the globe as the most relevant and largest art event in the art market.  Every year in the month of June, visitors arrive at Messeplatz eager to see surprising, new and original works of art. After attracting 70,000 visitors on its latest edition, this year the attendance is expecting to reach 86,000 over six days.


Even though Art Basel will open to public on Thursday, private views and events take place during the entire week when the most important sales are done. The most influential collectors in the market fly to the Swiss city in order to enjoy and buy the latest trends  and get to know the new and fresh cutting-edge international artists in the market. A $32M self portrait by Andy Warhol or a $15M painting by Willem de Kooning are attractive temptations for passioned collectors that attend the fair this week.

art basel 1

Sculpture by Julio Le Parc at the Art Basel 2014 in Basel. Source: Demotix

On this edition, Art Basel hosts over 300 leading galleries for Modern and Contemporary art from 35 different countries from the five continents, which include the highest quality of art in all sorts of media. Galleries show innovating installations, performances and unique stand designs that attract many visitors.  Moreover, the fair counts with the ‘Unlimited’ programme, which is focused on the exhibition of large dimensions solo projects, and is showing this year 78 stunning pieces. Such sector of the fair, which has become one of the most popular ones, shows spectacular three dimensioned art pieces that invade the  fair’s venue.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 19.18.17

Art Basel 2014. Source: Art Basel

Therefore, we are truly looking forward to what Art Basel 2014 will be like and we will certainly keep you updated with the news. The best is still yet to come and we will keep an eye on such a fantastic art fair. However, if you are around Switzerland do not miss the opportunity of visiting this magnificent art fair.

Enjoy this VIDEO of Art Basel 2014!

Dale Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery in London

Halcyon Gallery in London is currently showing until the 21st of June the fantastic exhibition on the work of the American artist Dale Chihuly. Such exhibition, named ‘Beyond the Object’, includes not only colourful interior glass sculptures , but also a fascinating large outdoor piece named ‘The Sun’ at Berkeley Square. The success of this exhibition has been extraordinary, receiving over 25,000 visitors since its opening in early February.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 02_05_50

‘The Sun’ by Dale Chihuly at Bekerley Square, London

Dale Chihuly is an internationally renown artist who focuses his art creations in the hand blown glass technique. Such creations result in stunning large scale and complex sculptures and installations made of glass, where the artist constantly experiments with colour and natural forms. His work is considered to be between crafts, design and art, and travels between abstraction and representation. The magnificent work of Dale Chihuly is a very delicate reflection of colour through the transparency of glass.


‘Beyond the Object’ by Dale Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery, London

Dale Chihuly’s public art pieces engage society and help promote a dialogue between art and daily environments. The artist places its stunning sculptures in front of gardens and open urban spaces in order to invite viewers to respond.


‘Beyond the Object’ by Dale Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery, London

Today Dale Chihuly has become an important artist in the contemporary art market, developing projects and showing sculptures  in different cities around the globe. Moreover, the city of London has hosted on other occasions the work of Dale Chihuly on public spaces, which includes the ‘Torchlight Chandelier’, placed over Park Lane during the 2012 London Olympics, and the Rotunda Chandelier of the V&A. Other international projects include the New York Botanical Garden, Atlantis Dubai in EAU, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art or the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


‘Beyond the Object’ by Dale Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery, London

If you are round London, don not miss the chance of seeing this fantastic exhibition.

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Frieze New York 2014

The third edition of Frieze New York has come to its end last evening. One of the most important appointments in the art calendar, Spring Art Week in New York,  has brought together important art events during in the past week in New York. Several art fairs together with Frieze, have also been taking place in the city such as Nada, Pulse, Cutlog or Downtown fair. At the same time, the Spring auction sales for Modern and Contemporary art have also taken place during these days at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Therefore all these outstanding art events brought together the most relevant galleries, artists and collectors in the international market.


Paul McCarthy Balloon Dog (2013) Hauser & Wirth – Frieze New York 2013 Sculpture Park. Source: Fashion Installation

After launching in London 2003 its first fair in the market, and in 2012 the one in New York, Frieze today has become an important brand for contemporary art that stands for cutting edge galleries and artists. Sponsored by Deutsche Bank, on this edition Frieze has hosted over 190 of the leading international galleries in the market at Randall’s Island. Moreover, the fair has also presented Frieze Projects, a programme for commissioned works created for and during the fair and which have been curated by  Cecilia Alemani. The selected artists participating this year were the American artist Darren Bader, the Argentinian artist Eduardo Basualdo, Eva Kotátková from Czech Republic, Marie Lorenz from the U. S. , the Japanese artist Koki Tanaka and Naama Tsabar from Israel.


Frieze New York 2014. Source: Art Net

Moreover, since the start of the fair in 2012, Frieze Projects has ran tribute to artists who have transformed the cultural scene of a city through their work. For the 2014 edition, Frieze Projects has celebrated Al’s Grand Hotel, a legendary project developed by Allen Ruppersberg in 1971 in Los Angeles, located on this occasion inside the fair’s venue. The hotel has been open for six weeks and visitors have been able to become guests of such installation and book its rooms for gatherings, parties, performances, or to spend the night.


Al’s Grand Hotel by Allen Ruppersberg. Source: Frieze Projects New York

In terms of sales, the fair has achieved astonishing numbers. Some remarkable examples were Gagosian Gallery that sold out its entire booth with sixteen works by Ed Ruscha priced at $175,000 each, the Yayoi Kusama’s Pumpkin sold for $600,000 at David Zwiner Gallery, or the steel sculpture by Saint Clair Cemin sold for $175,000 at Paul Kasmin Gallery.


Yayoi Kusama’s Pumpkin at Frieze New York 2014. Source: Business Week


Rollercoaster by Saint Clair Cemin at Paul Kasmin gallery in Frieze New York 2014. Source: Paul Kasmin Gallery

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Gordon Halloran: ‘Lotus in Motion’

Gordon Halloran is a Canadian artists who is specialised in the creation of magnificent art pieces for public spaces. This artist works around painting, sculpture, illustration and video, and combines these different media building stunning site-specific art creations. Gordon Halloran has developed projects for international venues and has become a cultural icon in Canada since his creation of the Ice Gate, which consisted on a long wall of frozen paintings for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.33.38

Ice Gate by Gordon Halloran for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Source: Artist’s Web

The work by Gordon Halloran is focused on the creation of  simple abstract forms with bright colours on ice. Such ice creations have been the centre of his artistic career and have turned Gordon Halloran into an expert on ice painting. For more information about the ice creations on Gordon Halloran: CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.30.52

Ice painting for Chicago’s Millennium Park in 2008. SourceArtist’s Web

After many year specialising in the ice painting technique Gordon Halloran has developed an international project named Lotus in Motion- The Watercolour Project, where instead of using ice, this time he employs water as part of the artwork’s physicality. This fascinating project counts with different public art installations that have been located at several international venues such as the Botanical Gardens and the Sun Yat Sen Gargens in Vancouver, at Palm Desert in California or at the Tuileries Garden in Paris.

Lotus @ Lis'

Lotus in Motion- Palm Desert California. Source: Lotus in Motion- The Watercolour Project

The aim of this project is to bring to life different sized lily pads that are inspired on Claude Monet, and relocate viewers on Monet’s Waterlilies with a contemporary point of view.

MHalloran Big Blue Lotusreduced

Lotus in Motion- The Watercolour Project. Source: Lotus in Motion- The Watercolour Project

Moreover, the artist tends to analyse and simulate organic textures of landscape flora. Vibrating colours transform the natural space where the intervention is located.This magnificent installation is focused on merging art and nature, transforming the landscape into a world of magic, light and colour. This work of art simulates real lotus with fascinating textures and colours and the result is a colourful contrast that captivates and amazes viewers.


Lotus in Motion- Evolving family- Sun Yat Sen Gardens, Vancouver. Source: Lotus in Motion- The Watercolour Project

For more information about this stunning project: CLICK HERE

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A balance between colour and light expansion – catalogue

Have a look at the catalogue of our upcoming exhibition taking place on the 18th of April at the W Hotel Verbier, Switzerland.

Exhibition Catalogue

We hope you like it!


Fabian Oefner: Photography between art and science

Fabian Oefner is a Swiss artist who develops his photography between art and science. The photography of this artist takes us into a world where natural phenomena become stunning colourful art pieces. Oefner lives and works in Switzerland, and is currently very active collaborating with influential international brands on ad campaigns and art projects, and exhibiting his work internationally.


Dancing colors 08 by Fabian Oefner

Fabian Oefner is more than a photographer, he is a curious and ambitious investigator, who carefully studies natural phenomena and shows them in a completely different and unseen way. The aim of the artist is to study the response to the surroundings of two different fields -art and science- in order to provide a rational and emotional approach with his photographs. Oefner invites the viewer, as he says, to stop for a moment and appreciate the magic that constantly surrounds us.

The study of this magnificent photographer goes after  the behaviour of different materials when submitted to natural forces. The photographs of Fabian Oefner involve a precise previous process before shooting the exact moment with the right light. Therefore, we could say Fabian Oefner is more an artist. Fabian Oefner goes beyond the mere aesthetics of art and reveals a magical universe combining art and science. Such combination brings to life spectacular effects, astonishing colours and fascinating works of art that are pure communication.


Marbelous 03 by Fabian Oefner

On 2013 Fabian was invited to give a lecture about his work at TED Ideas Worth Spreading, where he made a demonstration about some of the experiments done for his photography. Have a look at the VIDEO!

On the 18th of April Fabian Oefner will exhibit his work with Beyond Arting at the W Hotel in Verbier, Switzerland. This group exhibition will count with eight fascinating photographs by the Swiss artist from the series Liquid Jewel and Marbelous.


Liquid Jewel 08 by Fabian Oefner

 To see more about his work, check out his WEBSITE

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Red Rugs: New proposal for art and design

Red Rugs is a Portuguese company launched by the young entrepreneur Martim de Brion focused on the idea of combining art and design. This venture merges art and handcrafted carpets in order to achieve art designed rugs. Red Rugs works with renown international artists, who create unique designs for these limited edition rugs. The combination of the artist’s design and the traditional manufactured process results to be itself a magnificient work of art.


In Beyond Arting we had the opportunity to personally meet Martim de Brion, Founder and Managing Director of Red Rugs, and based in Portugal, and to ask him several questions:

Why did you decide to launch Red Rugs?

I have always been interested in the multidisciplinary attitude of the arts; artists using other mediums and criss-crossing disciplines, such as architecture, design and vice versa. This had been for a while out of fashion, but has been surging back in the last few years. Furthermore, rugs are very interesting pieces in order to engage in this interdisciplinary dialogue, since they are objects which are to be used for the house on the floor. This makes the artist have to take in consideration, apart from the different medium, the different point of view and attitude of the buyer/user. Hence, creating many interesting possibilities. Apart form the more artistic side I believe it made sense economically, since it provides a multinational platform for the artists to be shown and the product can be sold and represented anywhere in the world.


Design by the Portuguese artist Sofia Areal for Red Rugs

Do you work directly with artists or with their art galleries/agents?

Here it depends on the artist, some only do these projects through their galleries some prefer to do it directly

How have you managed to involve well established artists to create unique designs for Red Rugs?

I believe here the project speaks for itself, it is a good idea, with space to grow, and this increases the chances of artist engagement and interest. Additionally, once one artist or two are on-board its always easier for others to be interested.

RedRugs_Luis Gordillo_Specifying a Thought 2013_1

Design by the Spanish artist Luis Gordillo for Red Rugs

Could you explain to us the creation process from the artist to the final product?

Basically once the artist is on-board and agrees to the project, he or she will design a work specifically made to be reproduced as a rug. This done, we strive to reproduce the design as faithfully as possible and manufacture a great quality hand made rug. One has to have in special attention the design possibilities of the material used in the rug, in our case, 100% wool and the colours available.

What are your next steps for the near future?

We are organising now the launch in Lisbon and Porto as well as Madrid. We will continue to increase our collaboration with varied artists and to be present in events and fairs.


Article about Red Rugs at ESSENTIAL LISBOA magazine

Do not miss Red Rug’s WEB with the latest rug designs and news!

From Beyond Arting we truly wish the best for this entrepreneur’s  future and his innovative project.

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Final artists selected for Beyond Arting Platform: Nicola Mariani

Have a look at this article by Nicola Mariani about the final artists selected for Beyond Arting Platform: READ HERE

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Marca España talks about Beyond Arting in the radio

Marca España talks about Beyond Arting at the national radio station rtve: LISTEN HERE

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