aLive Urban Art Show-Vibe Gallery

Vibe Gallery in London will present from the 11th to the 23rd of July the aLive Urban Art Show. Artists will not only be exhibiting their work inside the gallery space, but they will be creating art live as well.
15 urban artists will participate in such an exciting experience, where the public will be inside the art creation’s scenario in order to create a union between art and people. This fresh and new space will create a vibrant atmosphere where art will be conceived as a personal experience and the interaction with the gallery space.
Urban art is becoming every day more common and popular and it is gaining recognition as a legitimate form of artistic expression that is  far away from being a pure act of vandalism. The interventions of urban artists in public spaces have become important attractions in cities such as Berlin, London or New York.
Vibe Gallery is giving visitors the opportunity of experiencing the creation of these paintings live. The opening will be on Thursday 11th with a mix of urban music, graffiti and a bar. On the 11th, 13th and 19th the gallery will be open until 2.30 am and assistants will be able to listen to urban DJ’s music and watch wonderful artists creating urban art.
For those who are in London on these dates, do not miss such an exciting and creative event at Vibe Gallery. Tower Bridge Business Centre 100,  at Clemens Road, SE16 4DG.
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