Andy Scott’s Kelpies at The Helix

Andy Scott is a Scottish artist based in Glasgow specialising in public art. This very experienced sculptor has created over 70 pieces which are located in public spaces around the world, becoming popular attractions with a unique identity. Scott’s work is mainly focused on site specific art creations built with stainless steel, cast bronze and fiberglass.


Andy Scott is currently involved in his latest project located within The Helix, Scotland, which will hopefully be complete by November and will open in April 2014. This has been the biggest sculpture of Andy’s career. This project is focused on the construction of two massive horse sculptures named the Kelpies (named after a mythical Celtic water horse), which are monuments to the horse powered heritage of the Falkirk area. These two large scale sculptures stand up 30 m high on a new part of the Forth & Clyde Canal as an important landmark in Central Scotland  (image below – source


The final result is based on the creation of two 3 m high maquette on 1:10 scale. There are two sets of these maquettes, one set is currently in the US visiting  different cities around the country, and the other set is touring cities around Scotland. These models have moved from Chicago’s Grant Park  (image below – source to the Sculpture Park of Purdue University in Indiana for the fall and winter.  It is understood that the models will move to New York for a short time.


The Kelpies’ internal structure has been fabricated at SH Structures in Yorkshire, and the external panels, made of stainless steel which simulate the skin of the horses, have been manufactured by OutoKumpu. This project is currently on its final stage with the assembly of these colossal pieces on site. The assembly process, which started in the month of June, will end this November, as the largest public art pieces in the region (image below, view across the River Carron – source


The Helix park opened in September after two years of development as a spot for healthy outdoor life, and The Kelpies will soon be part of the Forth & Clyde Canal’s landscape, providing a unique essence where the myth meets reality. The combination of a natural countryside with these mythological characters provides the park with a magical soul.

For further information check The Helix’s web: Link

In Beyond Arting we are very excited to see the final result of these marvelous art pieces and would love to visit The Helix soon.

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