Beyond Arting exhibition: Tr3s.

This upcoming weekend Beyond Arting launches the first edition of Tr3s. exhibition in Segovia, Spain. This innovative event combines an elite equestrian showjumping competition with the unique art display of Juan Ramón Martín, Ramón R. Colubi and Martí Moreno, from the 11th to the 13th of October. Tr3s. will show thirty two works of art that include photography and sculpture inside a gallery space at the competition location.

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Juan Ramón Martín will show twelve magnificent steel sculptures, and it is remarkable that some of these pieces will be placed inside the competition arena. Juan Ramón Martín combines art and architecture in his delicate creations. These stunning sculptures, that have a strong influence of Jorge Oteiza,  represent architectural spaces from the artist memories. Martín’s sculptures define themselves as austere abstract figures made of steel, that reveal an entire world of emotions to its audience.

La casa en la que  habita el vientoRamón R. Colubi will show for the first time to public part of his project named Street artists (Artistas Callejeros). This fantastic project presents unique photographies of artists performing in the streets of different cities around the world. R. Colubi has travelled the globe approaching these artists and getting involved in their stories, in order to enrich the resulting image and the project as a whole. R. Colubi has captured the essence of the moment that reflects the story of each of the characters in this photographic report.

Artistas Callejeros 1 - París - Francia


The final artist is Martí Moreno, who will present five fascinating sculptures. Three of his art pieces, Más allá del rostro, Guardián I and Guardián II,  have never been shown to public before. The transparency of these stunning creations brings to life fragments of human bodies,  playing with the light that passes through, and creating magical light and shadow effects.  Martí Moreno invites the audience to complete these stunning unfinished fragments with the use of their imagination.



The combination of these very different but complementary artists builds a unique exhibition in a new alternative space, breaking the traditional barriers in the exhibition of art.

The exhibition will take place in Centro Ecuestre de Castilla y León, Carretera de Arévalo, nº52. Segovia, and the opening  will be on Friday 11th at 12 pm, where Juan Ramón Martín will give a brief speech about his work. Moreover, Beyond Arting will be sponsoring the small Grand Prix, which will be taking place on Saturday at approximately 1 pm. In this occasion, Beyond Arting will count with the magnificent collaboration of BEIS Magazine, the new revolution in contemporary art news in Spain, and the artist Ramón R. Colubi will explain his project to the audience.

Do not miss these wonderful artists if you have the chance, we would love to have you around!