Brazilian street artists in Frankfurt

Eleven Brazilian urban artist have been invited to illustrate with colourful murals the city of Frankfurt. This year Brazil is the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and magnificent works of art have transformed the German city since the  5th of September and will last until the 27th of October.  This event counts with the display of a broad diversity of graffiti which are real trademarks of the Brazilian streets.


Since the mid 80s, the local art scene in Brazil has become one of the most active and culturally diverse in the world. At the same time, Brazil hosts some of the most dynamic and fascinating art scenes hidden in the street of its cities. In contrast with other countries, Brazil tolerates street art  in public spaces, and it is accepted as part of the visual culture and cityscape. The street art intervention in the Brazilian cities brings alive the true character of the Brazilian’s soul.


Moreover, the content and aesthetics of these works of art certainly differ from the European and American street art scenes, standing isolated from the street art globalization. Such fact brings together stunning artworks with alternative techniques and styles, and with themes that are influenced by the socio-political climate of the country.


During this fall, Frankfurt shows unique art creations in its streets, for the first time in Germany,  as part of the city’s infrastructure. A mobile app has been developed and launched in order to learn more about artists and their work, as well as videos that provide useful information to track the urban artworks around the city of Frankfurt. The graffiti shown at Schirn Kunsthalle include figurative and abstract works, as well as large scale murals, or small and ephemeral symbols. These art creations are the pure expression of the artists who truly reflect the Brazilian identity.


Have a look at this video that illustrates the development of the entire project in Frankfurt: VIDEO

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