Chillida’s magic facing the Atlantic

Eduardo Chillida is one of the greatest artists in Spain from the 20th Century. This popular artist from San Sebastián has become a myth for following artist generations, and an important reference in the international art scene. Today, eleven years  after his death, Chillida’s works are very popular internationally, being very present in auction sales at Christie’s and Sotheby’s. His work belongs to the postwar industrial sculpture, which was developed in the Basque Country. His most important pieces are site-specific monumental sculptures located in public spaces around the country. His work, full of character, was supported by his passion for literature, poetry and philosophy, deeply rooted to his Basque homeland. chillida_8 One of his most important works is El Peine del Viento (Wind Combs). This is a long-term project that started in 1952 and was developed until 1999, in which the artist  created  23 sculptures and a series of works on paper. Moreover, this project included one of the most important commissions the artist ever made, El Peine del Viento XV.  photo This magnificent work of art, that combines three separated steel sculptures embedded in the rocks, is located in San Sebastian facing the Atlantic Ocean. The installation of the three pieces required a deep study of the area, the site and its conditions, and therefore, the artist relied on the collaboration of the architect Luis Peña Ganchegui. Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 11.19.34 The aim of this project was to create a symbiosis between the rock and the sculptures, that without doubt was the greatest challenge of his life.  In this case, the wind and water are important components for Chillida’s artistic expression and his study of space. This work creates a dialogue with nature and provides the site with a unique and magical essence. peine-de-los-vientos After being finished in 1976, El Peine del Viento XV became part of San Sebastián’s landscape by the sea. Moreover, this masterpiece is currently  an icon of the Spanish art scene that attracts many visitors every day. In Beyond Arting we truly admire this artist and we are inspired by the magic of these stunning pieces. Have a lovely Monday!