Dale Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery in London

Halcyon Gallery in London is currently showing until the 21st of June the fantastic exhibition on the work of the American artist Dale Chihuly. Such exhibition, named ‘Beyond the Object’, includes not only colourful interior glass sculptures , but also a fascinating large outdoor piece named ‘The Sun’ at Berkeley Square. The success of this exhibition has been extraordinary, receiving over 25,000 visitors since its opening in early February.

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‘The Sun’ by Dale Chihuly at Bekerley Square, London

Dale Chihuly is an internationally renown artist who focuses his art creations in the hand blown glass technique. Such creations result in stunning large scale and complex sculptures and installations made of glass, where the artist constantly experiments with colour and natural forms. His work is considered to be between crafts, design and art, and travels between abstraction and representation. The magnificent work of Dale Chihuly is a very delicate reflection of colour through the transparency of glass.


‘Beyond the Object’ by Dale Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery, London

Dale Chihuly’s public art pieces engage society and help promote a dialogue between art and daily environments. The artist places its stunning sculptures in front of gardens and open urban spaces in order to invite viewers to respond.


‘Beyond the Object’ by Dale Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery, London

Today Dale Chihuly has become an important artist in the contemporary art market, developing projects and showing sculptures  in different cities around the globe. Moreover, the city of London has hosted on other occasions the work of Dale Chihuly on public spaces, which includes the ‘Torchlight Chandelier’, placed over Park Lane during the 2012 London Olympics, and the Rotunda Chandelier of the V&A. Other international projects include the New York Botanical Garden, Atlantis Dubai in EAU, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art or the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


‘Beyond the Object’ by Dale Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery, London

If you are round London, don not miss the chance of seeing this fantastic exhibition.

Have a lovely weekend!