Edvard Munch 150 anniversary

This year, 2013, the entire art world and the country of Norway pay tribute to one of the most important modern artist, Edvard Munch. The Norwegian artist was born in December 1863 in the city of Loten, and is considered as one of the pioneers of Expressionism. Munch’s work is very well know and is still attracting more public every day. 0,,15724306_303,00 Edvuard Munch was a unstable artist, who was constantly worried by the mortality  of human beings, and such fact was later reflected during his entire career as an artist. The particular symbolism of his work was strongly influenced by his instabilities and anxieties, and as the artist quoted, My fear of life is necessary to me, as is my illness. The strong character and sense of emotion of his work reflects fascinating artworks dominated by the artistic expression and colour. The contrasts of colour in Munch’s art pieces define one of the most admired styles in the History of Art, and it is still very appreciated today. In fact, today his work is one of the most valued in the Modern Art market, having achieved with the renown piece The Scream (image below), the price record of $119.9m at the evening Post-War auction sale in Christie’s New York in May 2012. 0A62E18A-1822-42BF-9731-9842BA026900 This year, after 150 year after his birth, the art world pays homage to the Norwegian artist and his contribution to the arts and culture, by celebrating during 2013 events in different art galleries and institutions around the world, with a special focus in Norway. _61119920_girlsbridge For further information about the events’ calendar in Norway: http://www.munch150.no/en/Programme Have nice day!