Monthly Archives: abril 2013

Public art visiting tourist attractions around the world: The Red Ball Project

Kurt Persche is the artist who has created a giant ball that exceeds 4.5 m high and 110 kg in order to interact with public sites and engage people in the streets. This project, which started as a commission for three different sites in St. Louis, has become a total success by visiting many different […]

Art consulting booming!

Art consulting is booming and becoming more popular every day in the international scene among the general public, developing projects that incorporate contemporary art in public spaces. Art consultants promote contemporary emerging and established artists and improve architectural infrastructures, creating engaging environments. Several art consultants are involved in the development of a project in large […]

If you like art, you like arting… And we go beyond!

Inspiration, motivation and a strong passion for art have been the essential drivers for the creation of Beyond Arting. Beyond Arting has been launched today from Madrid with a worldwide vision to enable and support corporations, hotels, private investors and any other entities attracted by art to become unique. Interested? We will keep you posted!