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Christie’s first auction sale in Mainland China

The renown British auction house, Christie’s, launched its first art auction Mainland China last Thursday in Shanghai. The sale has resulted to be a great success, exceeding low estimates and fetching $25M. However, the sale was part of the three day event organised by Christie’s, that provided members of the art world and clients from […]

Brazilian street artists in Frankfurt

Eleven Brazilian urban artist have been invited to illustrate with colourful murals the city of Frankfurt. This year Brazil is the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and magnificent works of art have transformed the German city since the  5th of September and will last until the 27th of October.  This event counts […]

Magdalena Atria: Art invading spaces

Magdalena Atria is an artist who has abandoned her canvases to jump into the three-dimension experience, in order to create magnificent works of art invading walls, floors and ceilings. This Chilean artists belongs to the 90s generation of artists who have developed their work following the line of abstraction. Since this month of September, Atria […]

Spanish art season opening: Apertura 2013

This upcoming weekend Madrid will become the epicenter of the Spanish art market. From the 19th to the 22nd the city of Madrid will open the art season at the fourth edition of Apertura 2013, with several exhibitions and with the new contemporary art fair, SUMMA.  Approximately 50 galleries in the city will open new shows, […]

Tony Cragg’s magical universe in Mallorca

Sa Llotja, one of the main Gothic vestiges in the Balearic Islands, hosts an exhibition on one of the most prestigious British artist, Tony Cragg. The exhibition brings together a group of nine large sculptures considered to be representative examples of the artist’s work since the 80s. This small but fascinating exhibition in Palma de […]

Beyond Arting by Blablablamuseos

Interview to Beyond Arting from Blablablamuseos: Link to the interview

Art Installations by Pae White

Pae White is an American artist born California, who is mainly focused on mixed media art creations. After twenty years exhibiting experience, taking part of the Venice Biennial in 2009 and Witney Biennial in 2010, as well as important commissions worldwide, White has tofay become a renown artist in the international scene. Moreover, besides her […]

Land Art fantasy in Forest of Oma

The Forest of Oma is located in Vizcaya which is part of the Spanish Basque Country region. Such forest is the symbiosis between nature and art, and brings together a unique masterpiece. This work of art was created by Agustín Ibarrola between 1982 and 1985, and is considered to be within the contemporary art trend […]

Chillida’s magic facing the Atlantic

Eduardo Chillida is one of the greatest artists in Spain from the 20th Century. This popular artist from San Sebastián has become a myth for following artist generations, and an important reference in the international art scene. Today, eleven years  after his death, Chillida’s works are very popular internationally, being very present in auction sales […]