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SAU: Primera subasta de arte urbano en España

Beyond Arting lanza un nuevo proyecto de la mano de PAC Plataforma Arte Contemporáneo como cierre de la semana de ARCO en Madrid. Se trata de SAU Subasta Arte Urbano, la primera subasta de arte urbano en España. A lo largo de muchas décadas el arte urbano ha sido muy criticado por la sociedad ya que […]

Brazilian street artists in Frankfurt

Eleven Brazilian urban artist have been invited to illustrate with colourful murals the city of Frankfurt. This year Brazil is the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and magnificent works of art have transformed the German city since the  5th of September and will last until the 27th of October.  This event counts […]

aLive Urban Art Show-Vibe Gallery

Vibe Gallery in London will present from the 11th to the 23rd of July the aLive Urban Art Show. Artists will not only be exhibiting their work inside the gallery space, but they will be creating art live as well. 15 urban artists will participate in such an exciting experience, where the public will be […]

Virtual Motion Graffiti by Daniel Silva

The façade of the Monastery of Santa Clara in Vila do Conde, Portugal, has been transformed by the artist Daniel Silva, after being abandoned in the 17th Century. This artist has done a daring project with virtual motion graffiti, in order to bring light back again to this ancient building. Such work could definitely succeed […]