Fabian Oefner: Photography between art and science

Fabian Oefner is a Swiss artist who develops his photography between art and science. The photography of this artist takes us into a world where natural phenomena become stunning colourful art pieces. Oefner lives and works in Switzerland, and is currently very active collaborating with influential international brands on ad campaigns and art projects, and exhibiting his work internationally.


Dancing colors 08 by Fabian Oefner

Fabian Oefner is more than a photographer, he is a curious and ambitious investigator, who carefully studies natural phenomena and shows them in a completely different and unseen way. The aim of the artist is to study the response to the surroundings of two different fields -art and science- in order to provide a rational and emotional approach with his photographs. Oefner invites the viewer, as he says, to stop for a moment and appreciate the magic that constantly surrounds us.

The study of this magnificent photographer goes after  the behaviour of different materials when submitted to natural forces. The photographs of Fabian Oefner involve a precise previous process before shooting the exact moment with the right light. Therefore, we could say Fabian Oefner is more an artist. Fabian Oefner goes beyond the mere aesthetics of art and reveals a magical universe combining art and science. Such combination brings to life spectacular effects, astonishing colours and fascinating works of art that are pure communication.


Marbelous 03 by Fabian Oefner

On 2013 Fabian was invited to give a lecture about his work at TED Ideas Worth Spreading, where he made a demonstration about some of the experiments done for his photography. Have a look at the VIDEO!

On the 18th of April Fabian Oefner will exhibit his work with Beyond Arting at the W Hotel in Verbier, Switzerland. This group exhibition will count with eight fascinating photographs by the Swiss artist from the series Liquid Jewel and Marbelous.


Liquid Jewel 08 by Fabian Oefner

 To see more about his work, check out his WEBSITE

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