Fascinating sculptures by Martí Moreno

Martí Moreno is a brilliant  young Spanish artist from Valencia who has already started to take his first steps in the international contemporary art scene. This artist has received several grants, important awards, and is currently very active exhibiting his work. We truly understand why doors are opening for him, his work is extraordinary. Thousands of metal nuts bring life to Martí Moreno’s sculptures. The artists builds these stunning pieces by welding a diversity of screws together and adapting them with the use of plaster moulds. The result of such a delicate process is a light reticule, that from far away, simulates fragments of human bodies.On the other hand, the light passing through the metal nuts creates an amazing play of light and shadow, providing dynamic and magical effects to these sculptures. Moreover, as the artist mentioned to us, some of my sculptures are suspended from a rotating engine that maintains the pieces moving in order to play with the lightness of the work. VIGIA (4) Martí Moreno’s creations reflect the fleeting of time together with the fragility of human being. The artist wants his unfinished sculptures to be approachable and human, inviting the audience to complete them with the use of their imagination. This promising artist has always been passionated by sculpture and such passion is the essence that gives birth to his magnificent creations, and as he mentioned, passion and emotion are essential when you work on something, otherwise the result would be dead. Without passion you cannot create. INFINITO   From Beyond Arting we want to share this video from his solo exhibition in Villarreal 2012: http://vimeo.com/user14540279/marti-moreno-the-fleetingness-of-existence In Beyond Arting we are certainly looking forward to incorporating his work in spaces beyond limits of imagination. We will keep you posted!

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