First anniversary of BEIS Magazine

In the first anniversary of BEIS Magazine, its Founder and Director, María de la Iglesia Mata, and its team have organised a special event today in Madrid. Such event celebrates the anniversary and promotes the magazine before the start of the art week in Madrid.

BEIS Magazine was launched in ARCO’s last edition as a new magazine that consolidates the highlighted contemporary art news, reports and interviews inside an international context. Such magazine offers its readers content in Spanish in order to approach contemporary art to the Spanish public. Since its creation, BEIS has published four magazines with great success, and it is slowly gaining relevance in the Spanish art market.


Today we had the opportunity to meet María de la Iglesia Mata and ask her some questions about BEIS Magazine, her experience during this past year and her goals for 2014.

BA. Why did you decide to launch BEIS Magazine one year ago?

BM. I am fascinated by contemporary art, however creating this magazine is not about satisfying a personal desire but about filling a gap in the Spanish editorial market. In Spain there are no magazines that consolidate international news about contemporary art. One day I read an article which mentioned that Spanish collectors did not count with a magazine or newspaper with useful information to help them acquire a deeper knowledge about the contemporary art in an international context. Therefore, collectors would acquire works of art with more confidence and less risk, which would drive an increase of the Spanish market’s presence in the international art scene (almost 2% today). BEIS was launched in order to fulfil this objective and increase this percentage, offering its readers-art lovers and potential collectors- specialised information published in international media.

Many people in Spain are interested in contemporary art and work in such market. We are mainly focused on current and potential art collectors. However,  BEIS’ public is very broad , due to the fact that it is a unique magazine, where students, art dealers, artists and other players, can look at what it is published internationally regarding contemporary art: gerenal news, museums and exhibitions, art market and auctions, new publications, art critiques, as well as reports, interviews and the last section where experts in the market analyse a work of art from the technical point of view, in order to explain its artistic value and valuation in the art market.

705138_469131943175516_1924903195_o#2 BEIS Magazine, summer edition

BA. How did you manage to start a project in the Spanish art market?

BM. It has not been easy, specially due to the current situation. However, due to the fact that BEIS is an exclusive and new publication that provides a different approach to the information that other publications offer, people have seen that BEIS is a viable and necessary magazine.
We started our distribution in Madrid, we then moved to Barcelona, and today BEIS is on sale in more than 100 shops in Spain. Moreover, I am very thankful to the art fairs (ARCO, Art Madrid, Summa, Cuarto Público, CASA//ARTE and Art Paris), which have supported us and have collaborated with us, in order to gain visibility and acquire confidence.
BEIS Magazine at ARCO 2013
BA. Which was the greatest challenge that you have faced this last year?
BM. Making interviews every three months requires long hours of reading, analysis and consolidation of articles. Moreover, the own development of interviews and reports… The magazine itself is an entire challenge, you do not know how the sale will go, if the cover will succeed… It is a challenge to break through in the Spanish market with a small project developed by a small team. Growing is a challenge, and we are growing, thanks to the support and work of many others. However, we still have long way to go and many challenges to confront…
BA. What are the goals for BEIS from now on?
BM. I expect to follow the same path, offering quality information to readers in order to fulfil their needs.
 I also expect to continue collaborating with fairs, and to expand our distribution to South America. At the same time, I want to collaborate with other entities in this market sector, young companies, young entrepreneurs like me, who fight for what the truly believe and make it real. If we support each other, we will grow together. I am also expecting to increase BEIS’ popularity turning it into the SUMMA Artis of the contemporary art, placed in shelfs inside houses or even as a tool in schools and universities (what is already starting to happen!).
From Beyond Arting we wish you the best for this upcoming year with BEIS Magazine and its team, and congratulations for the magnificent resulst of this first year!