Floating museums: Art inside a boat

A new cruise concept has appeared in the travel industry with a mixed experience of unique holidays across the oceans surrounded by art inside a floating museum.  Oceania Cruises incorporates art pieces to its ships, creating luxury, exclusive and sophisticated boats that provide an elegant and refined ambience to the hosts. images In October 2002 Frank del Rio, Bob Binder and Joe Watters announced the creation of Ocenia Cruises as the first world’s upper-premium cruise line, with headquarters in Miami. After eleven years these cruises are positioned as one of the top cruise lines with a unique on-board experience, offering a fascinating art collection. A strong passion for art led the cruise founders to transform its two main boats, Marina and Riviera, in floating art galleries. These two ships  host a broad variety of artworks that combine different contemporary  styles, mediums and artists. The art collection brings together 100 original art pieces by young international talents and renown artist, such as the Spanish painters Pablo Picasso or Joan Miró. These ships show a particular display of a Latin American art collection from 1927 to 1950, that includes pieces by important artist such as Wilfredo Lam, Luis Zesatti or Daniela Wicki. Riviera-7345 Today the incorporation of art in new spaces is booming and in Beyond Arting we are strong supporters of such fact. Have a fabulous day!

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