Four spirits of Thomas Schütte in Switzerland

An astonishing public art project has been launched in Switzerland by the Beyeler Foundation together with JTI, a great supporter of contemporary art. The Four Big Spirits (Vier Grosse Geister), by the renown german artist Thomas Schütte, were previously exhibited in Potsdam in 2010 and in Vienna in 2011, and are now placed in Zurich since the 6th of June, becoming part of the charming Swiss cityscape. These sculptures will remain in this city until the 2nd of July, and will then be visiting three other Swiss locations this summer: Geneva until the 24th of July, Bern until the 11th September, and finally Basel in October. The essence of this stunning artwork, composed by four 2.5m high standing bronze figures, is to reflect intercommunication. First, between the four sculptures, due to the fact that they stand closely  one to another and simulate a particular interaction between each other, and at the same time, within the public, through gestures and poses that reflect synergies and engage the audience  to interact with them. However, it is to mention that the Swiss Beyeler Foundation is an important supporter of the arts, and runs fascinating public art projects around the country. Some examples are the Louis Bourgeois project in 2011 and the Split-Rocker by Jeff Koons from 2000 to 2012, supported by JTI as well. No doubt it is all about Switzerland and art this month!

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