Fré Ilgen: A scientific artist

Fré Ilgen is a Dutch artist who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam and a MA on Sculpture at the Painting Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven. His artistic career started around the 80s, and since then, the artist has been very active participating in the most important art events, exhibiting his work across the world and becoming one of the leading artist in the Netherlands. Ilgen’s studio is filled with large scale mixed media canvases and metal sculptures, and with a rigorous work ethic and a dynamic ambience. Ilgen works between the abstraction and figuration throughout his paintings and sculptures. His approach stands between art, science and philosophy. Form, colour-language, and geometry provide  similar aesthetics as surrealist and constructivist art to his artworks. The American art critic Donald Kuspit quoted, Ilgen shows that it is possible for an artist to be a scientist and a philosopher without subverting or compromising his creativity. 2011-MysteriousWays The artist’s link between art and science started with a collaboration with the American neuroscientist Professor Partha Mitra, and the creation of sculptural models of the nervous system and its connections. Moreover, the artist studied and analysed the neuronal connections occurred during the artistic creativity exercise. Misty-Mountain-Hop This Dutch artist has a vast experience in the creation of site-specific art pieces for public and private spaces. Such commissions are located all around the world, in a vast variety of spaces, buildings and landscapes. One example is the piece Your Long journey at Heungkuk Life Insurance office in Seoul, South Korea (image below). DSC00710 Two more examples are One World, a sculptural installation at a private villa in Mallorca, Spain (image below), and Let’s Dance, a suspended sculpture located at the entrance of a shopping centre in Köln, Germany.   0034One-Word Moreover, this artist is very committed to the promotion and dissemination of the arts organising since 2007 cultural meeting points in Berlin, where artists, art critics, art historians, collectors and the general public discuss about the venture experienced when appreciating art, stimulating the involvement of the public. At the same time, this initiative intends to extend the theory and knowledge about the scientific reasoning and the visual intuition of art. This approach is the main artist’s theoretical discourse focused on the active perception and appreciation of art. From Beyond Arting we truly recommend you to have a look at his extraordinary work. Have a lovely weekend!

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