Gibbs Farm: A world’s premier sculpture park

Gibbs Farm, a private property at the North Island of New Zealand which territory extends to 4 km2, is an outstanding sculpture park. The owner, Alan Gibbs, bought this land named the Kaipara property in 1991, in order to establish one of the leading monumental sculpture collections in the art world. Gibbs Farm hosts second to none artworks, bringing together masterpieces by the most remarkable artists worldwide. This park is open to public by previous appointment. b   After approximately three decades of art collecting history, 1991 was the beginning of Alan Gibbs’ new venture, focused mainly in the commission of art pieces for this land. Until that moment, his most appreciated art works were abstract minimalist paintings, area in which he developed an extraordinary sensibility. Such fact has been very noticeable in the selection of art pieces for the rural farm, in order to bring together an austere but elegant taste throughout the entire landscape. After more than twenty years of commissioning art for the Gibbs Farm, the art collection assembles twenty-four  stunning contemporary artists, such as Sol LeWitt (image below), Neil Dawson, Bernar Venet, Richard Thomson, Anish Kapoor and Richard Serra. Artists have worked together with highly experienced engineers, in order to build outdoor monumental site-specific art pieces and integrate them in such a magnificent field. sol-lewitt-pyramid-gibbs-farm-2 One of the pieces that caught our eye is the Richard Serra’s sculptural installation named Te Tuhirangi Contour. This large scale artwork is built with 56 steel plates, and draws a single contour on these fields. Simultaneously, the artist explores the balance exchange between the art piece and the site where it is located, providing a breathtaking impact to viewers (image below).  serra_23

Another fascinating example is the Neil Dawson sculpture, Horizons. This piece, built in 1994, is one of the earliest commissioned works for the Gibbs Farm and marks one of the highest peaks in this land (image below).


 At Beyond Arting we certainly believe in the incorporation of art beyond the limits of imagination, and Gibbs Farm is the perfect example of it. Be different, be Beyond. Have a very nice day!

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