Gordon Halloran: ‘Lotus in Motion’

Gordon Halloran is a Canadian artists who is specialised in the creation of magnificent art pieces for public spaces. This artist works around painting, sculpture, illustration and video, and combines these different media building stunning site-specific art creations. Gordon Halloran has developed projects for international venues and has become a cultural icon in Canada since his creation of the Ice Gate, which consisted on a long wall of frozen paintings for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.33.38

Ice Gate by Gordon Halloran for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Source: Artist’s Web

The work by Gordon Halloran is focused on the creation of  simple abstract forms with bright colours on ice. Such ice creations have been the centre of his artistic career and have turned Gordon Halloran into an expert on ice painting. For more information about the ice creations on Gordon Halloran: CLICK HERE

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Ice painting for Chicago’s Millennium Park in 2008. SourceArtist’s Web

After many year specialising in the ice painting technique Gordon Halloran has developed an international project named Lotus in Motion- The Watercolour Project, where instead of using ice, this time he employs water as part of the artwork’s physicality. This fascinating project counts with different public art installations that have been located at several international venues such as the Botanical Gardens and the Sun Yat Sen Gargens in Vancouver, at Palm Desert in California or at the Tuileries Garden in Paris.

Lotus @ Lis'

Lotus in Motion- Palm Desert California. Source: Lotus in Motion- The Watercolour Project

The aim of this project is to bring to life different sized lily pads that are inspired on Claude Monet, and relocate viewers on Monet’s Waterlilies with a contemporary point of view.

MHalloran Big Blue Lotusreduced

Lotus in Motion- The Watercolour Project. Source: Lotus in Motion- The Watercolour Project

Moreover, the artist tends to analyse and simulate organic textures of landscape flora. Vibrating colours transform the natural space where the intervention is located.This magnificent installation is focused on merging art and nature, transforming the landscape into a world of magic, light and colour. This work of art simulates real lotus with fascinating textures and colours and the result is a colourful contrast that captivates and amazes viewers.


Lotus in Motion- Evolving family- Sun Yat Sen Gardens, Vancouver. Source: Lotus in Motion- The Watercolour Project

For more information about this stunning project: CLICK HERE

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