L. S. Lowry at Tate Britain, London

British urban scenes and industrial lanscapes are being shown in London from the 26th of June to the 20th of October. Tate Britain presents the exhibition on one of the most popular British modern artists, L. S. Lowry. Such event, Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life, is the first exhibition of this artist in London after his death, in 1976. lowry_web-banner_option3_0 L. S. Lowry studied at the Manchester School of Arts where he received a strong influence from  French ideas and painters, such as Camille Pissarro, which became very important for the later development of his work. Such characteristic is very present throughout the walls of this outstanding exhibition. The show has been curated by one of the most preeminent scholars of French Impressionism,  T. J. Clarck, together with Anne M. Wagner, curator at Tate Britain. Such event has brought together over 80 pieces that present the working class of the 20th Century with a very particular approach. Lowry’s  paintings capture the essence of the British Industrial Revolution of the 1920s, and bring to life the smoky grey atmosphere of the time with a very charming style. Lowry’s iconic works of art show a very close connection with the location of his paintings, which represent everyday’s life of the working class at that time. LS-Lowry-Piccadilly-Circu-010 The exhibition shows a fascinating collection of Lowry’s most important highlights, which have a very recognizable subject matter that include football matches, factory chimneys, protest marches, mills and urban panoramas. l.s-lowry-early-morning-ready_0 The Tate Britain Director, Penelope Curtis, mentioned that approximately half of the pieces in the exhibition have never been seen in public before, and therefore considered this show as a very revealing event, providing a more in depth knowledge of Lowry’s artistic career. Lowry’s paintings are becoming more popular every day, being very present at top galleries, art fairs and auction sales, where his paintings have been reaching very high prices in the recent years. Do not miss such an exceptional exhibition if you have the opportunity of traveling to London this summer. Have a lovely day!

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