Magdalena Atria: Art invading spaces

Magdalena Atria is an artist who has abandoned her canvases to jump into the three-dimension experience, in order to create magnificent works of art invading walls, floors and ceilings. This Chilean artists belongs to the 90s generation of artists who have developed their work following the line of abstraction. Since this month of September, Atria has installed her work ‘Cenotes’ at the Open Space in the art center Matadero in Madrid, with free access to public until the 5th of January 2014. photo This artist, who has taken part in multiple exhibitions worldwide,  has always been focused on painting the interaction of body and ground. Her work has been characterised by colour deconstruction during her entire career as an artist. However, her swift into a more three-dimensioned work is turning to be a research field with stunning results, that attracts many viewers’ attention. Her research for alternative colour languages and new materials are the main focus of her current artistic development. Today her innovative and colourful creations bring together unique aesthetics, that are very particular of this fantastic artist. These works of art have been constructed with the use of plasticine, and tend to invade floors and walls merging with the building infrastructure. Such fact results in a unique  symbiosis, which is an art piece itself.
images ‘Cenotes’ is her latest artwork that emerges in Matadero Madrid transforming the cold room into a magical, colourful, and warm space. The contrast between the empty dark space and the artist’s shiny  pieces, brings together an enchanting ambience, where visitors feel absorbed by Atria’s pure colours and  taken into a magical world. 3 From Beyond Arting we really admire every innovative artist creating alternative pieces of art. It is fascinating what can be done! Have a lovely weekend!

Images by courtesy on Matadero Madrid: