Marina Abramovic at Serpentine Galleries

‘Marina Abramovic: 512 hours’ is a unique work created by this internationally renown artist for Serpentine Galleries in London, which is taking place since the 11th of June to the 25th of August. Such work is an experiment where Marina Abramovic is performing inside the gallery space from 10am to 6pm six days a week. Such once in a life-time opportunity event is attracting many visitors to the gallery in order to share a fantastic experience with one of the pioneer of performance as an art form and one of the most relevant artist in the entire world.

B ©Rahi Rezvani 2013 Paris_0

Marina Abramovic. Source: Serpentine Galleries

Marina Abramovic is an artist born in Belgrade, Serbia, who started her career as an artist in the 70s and has become internationally renown due to her performing artworks. Her performing works result in extraordinary experiences for visitors and the artist herself, such as the one made in La Gallera in Valencia, Spain in 1998, the one at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York in 2005 or the very popular performance that took place at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2009, where the artist sat down for 716 hours at a table in the atrium of the museum, where viewers were invited to sit opposite and share the presence of the artist.


‘The artist is present’ by Marina Abramovic at MoMA New York 2009. Source: MoMA

On this occasion, the aim of this experiment is to invite the public to become the performing body participating in a simple environment. Visitors enter the gallery space with nothing, and therefore they have to leave everything they are carrying behind , including phones, computers, bags, jackets or watches. The artist is the only thing which is there for them as their living material. Visitors can stay in the exhibition as long as they wish and can leave whenever they consider.

1. Photograph by Marco Anelli 2014

Marina Abramovic at Serpentine Galleries. Source: Serpentine Galleries

Marina Abramovic’s art performance never left anyone indifferent and visitors define their experience as a unique and enriching practice, where the artist provides part of her soul to the environment and to visitors. Therefore, if you are around London we truly recommend you not miss the opportunity of experiencing such and enriching and fantastic event with this unique artist.

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