NMAC Foundation Montenmedio Contemporary Art

NMAC Foundation Montenmedio Contemporary Art is a Spanish art institution that works in the development of establishing a dialogue between art a nature. Opened in 2001 and located in the Dehesa de Montenmedio in Cadiz,  the foundation’s aim is to merge contemporary art in the natural landscape of the South of Spain. After 13 years, NMAC Foundation has become an important support for the arts and a reference for contemporary art institutions in the country.

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NMAC Foundation hosts pieces by international  artists who work with different mediums within the nature. Site-specific installations, sculptures, performances, paintings and new media projects maintain a strong link with the natural environment of the region, creating a unique atmosphere.


The hero, by Marina Abramobic at NMAC Foundation. Source: Foundation NMAC

The foundation includes a open an air sculpture park, where artworks become part of the landscape. Up to date, the foundation has hosted works by over 40 artists, and the collection includes 23 permanent projects. Renown stablished artists such as Marina Abramovic, Sol LeWit, Santiago Sierra, Maurizio Cattelan, James Turrell, or Joana Vasconcelos  are part of the ‘art and nature project’ of NMAC Foundation.


Cinder block by Sol LeWit at NMAC Foundation. Source:MNAC Foundation

Moreover, the foundation has also developed educational programmes linked to its exhibitions, that offer lectures and conferences, workshops and publications, in order to provide visitors with an approach to the creation of artistic expression and its relation to the natural environment. Such relation between art and nature, helps to raise an awareness of the damage to nature.

The foundation is open to public everyday, and therefore, if you pass by Cadiz or are around the region, don’t miss the chance of visiting such a fascinating museum.

Check out the sculpture park through this VIDEO.

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