Pablo Picasso: From Spain to South Korea

Works by Pablo Picasso, one of the biggest talents that the art world has ever known, traveled to South Korea in order to bring together the most important exhibition on the Spanish artist in the country. On the 5th of July the exhibition Picasso de Málaga, Picasso absoluto opened to public in Incheon at the Cultural and Art Centre. The works of the Spanish artist will remain in the Asian country until March 2014. It is to mention that the exhibition will move to two other cities, Seul and Daegu, before returning to Málaga.


  This fantastic exhibition  includes 326 pieces: lithographs, etchings, books, ceramics… together with approximately 100 photographies of the renown Hungarian photographer who worked in Spain, Juan Geynes. Such photographies, that have been printed for this particular occasion, provide an illustration of the artist’s personal life, in order to build a complete understanding of  Picasso’s artistic career. The exhibition is generating a great interest and excitement for one of the most important artist in the History of Art, who is not as popular as he is in Occidental countries, and has already received a high number of visitors since the opening. As Kim Eu-na,one of the guides of the Incheon’s Art Centre mentioned, South Koreans normally know the name of Picasso, but they do not have a general idea of ​​who he is or his artistic career. The interest for Occidental artists in Asian countries is growing every day, and is driving collectors to buy art at Occidental art fairs and auction sales, focusing mainly on artist from the 19th Century onwards, such as Pablo Picasso, Anselm Kiefer or Andy Warhol. However, such interest is very recent due to the fact that Asian buyers do not share the Occidental collectros’ tastes, interests and history.  Simultaneously, more Asian artists are  increasingly being represented by European and American galleries and are participating at international art fairs. This cultural exchange between Occidental and Oriental art markets is a current hot trend, and the Picasso’s exhibition in South Korea is a perfect example of it. From Beyond Arting, enjoy your weekend!

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