Beyond Arting’s exhibition at the W Hotel Verbier

Following our vision of working beyond borders, Beyond Arting will launch its first exhibition in Switzerland this upcoming Spring. Together with the W Hotel, Beyond Arting is organising an art event in the renown Swiss ski resort Verbier. Such event will take place on the 18th of April at the W Hotel Verbier.


Courtesy of the artist Paulo J. Futre

The artist selection offers an innovative, fresh and creative proposal of contemporary art. Four international artists will show their magnificent art pieces during a unique happening in Verbier. Fabian Oefner coming from Switzerland and Paulo J. Futre from Portugal, together with three Spanish artists, Mikha-ez, Juan Gil Segovia and Martí Moreno, will create a universe of colour and light inside the exhibition space.

Invitation W Verbier

The exhibition, A balance between colour and light expansion, will be curated around the concept of the contrast between colour and light, and how stainless steel and metallic elements become the balance and equilibrium of such fascinating combination. Moreover, around such exhibition, the renown Spanish chef, Sergi Arola, will be creating a special dinner for the occasion at the W Hotel, inspired on the art pieces and the theme of the exhibition.

invitación W Hotel

The event is under invitation, therefore please contact us if you wish to assist.

Have a lovely weekend!

NMAC Foundation Montenmedio Contemporary Art

NMAC Foundation Montenmedio Contemporary Art is a Spanish art institution that works in the development of establishing a dialogue between art a nature. Opened in 2001 and located in the Dehesa de Montenmedio in Cadiz,  the foundation’s aim is to merge contemporary art in the natural landscape of the South of Spain. After 13 years, NMAC Foundation has become an important support for the arts and a reference for contemporary art institutions in the country.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 13.46.30

NMAC Foundation hosts pieces by international  artists who work with different mediums within the nature. Site-specific installations, sculptures, performances, paintings and new media projects maintain a strong link with the natural environment of the region, creating a unique atmosphere.


The hero, by Marina Abramobic at NMAC Foundation. Source: Foundation NMAC

The foundation includes a open an air sculpture park, where artworks become part of the landscape. Up to date, the foundation has hosted works by over 40 artists, and the collection includes 23 permanent projects. Renown stablished artists such as Marina Abramovic, Sol LeWit, Santiago Sierra, Maurizio Cattelan, James Turrell, or Joana Vasconcelos  are part of the ‘art and nature project’ of NMAC Foundation.


Cinder block by Sol LeWit at NMAC Foundation. Source:MNAC Foundation

Moreover, the foundation has also developed educational programmes linked to its exhibitions, that offer lectures and conferences, workshops and publications, in order to provide visitors with an approach to the creation of artistic expression and its relation to the natural environment. Such relation between art and nature, helps to raise an awareness of the damage to nature.

The foundation is open to public everyday, and therefore, if you pass by Cadiz or are around the region, don’t miss the chance of visiting such a fascinating museum.

Check out the sculpture park through this VIDEO.

Have a very nice week!

First anniversary of BEIS Magazine

In the first anniversary of BEIS Magazine, its Founder and Director, María de la Iglesia Mata, and its team have organised a special event today in Madrid. Such event celebrates the anniversary and promotes the magazine before the start of the art week in Madrid.

BEIS Magazine was launched in ARCO’s last edition as a new magazine that consolidates the highlighted contemporary art news, reports and interviews inside an international context. Such magazine offers its readers content in Spanish in order to approach contemporary art to the Spanish public. Since its creation, BEIS has published four magazines with great success, and it is slowly gaining relevance in the Spanish art market.


Today we had the opportunity to meet María de la Iglesia Mata and ask her some questions about BEIS Magazine, her experience during this past year and her goals for 2014.

BA. Why did you decide to launch BEIS Magazine one year ago?

BM. I am fascinated by contemporary art, however creating this magazine is not about satisfying a personal desire but about filling a gap in the Spanish editorial market. In Spain there are no magazines that consolidate international news about contemporary art. One day I read an article which mentioned that Spanish collectors did not count with a magazine or newspaper with useful information to help them acquire a deeper knowledge about the contemporary art in an international context. Therefore, collectors would acquire works of art with more confidence and less risk, which would drive an increase of the Spanish market’s presence in the international art scene (almost 2% today). BEIS was launched in order to fulfil this objective and increase this percentage, offering its readers-art lovers and potential collectors- specialised information published in international media.

Many people in Spain are interested in contemporary art and work in such market. We are mainly focused on current and potential art collectors. However,  BEIS’ public is very broad , due to the fact that it is a unique magazine, where students, art dealers, artists and other players, can look at what it is published internationally regarding contemporary art: gerenal news, museums and exhibitions, art market and auctions, new publications, art critiques, as well as reports, interviews and the last section where experts in the market analyse a work of art from the technical point of view, in order to explain its artistic value and valuation in the art market.

705138_469131943175516_1924903195_o#2 BEIS Magazine, summer edition

BA. How did you manage to start a project in the Spanish art market?

BM. It has not been easy, specially due to the current situation. However, due to the fact that BEIS is an exclusive and new publication that provides a different approach to the information that other publications offer, people have seen that BEIS is a viable and necessary magazine.
We started our distribution in Madrid, we then moved to Barcelona, and today BEIS is on sale in more than 100 shops in Spain. Moreover, I am very thankful to the art fairs (ARCO, Art Madrid, Summa, Cuarto Público, CASA//ARTE and Art Paris), which have supported us and have collaborated with us, in order to gain visibility and acquire confidence.
BEIS Magazine at ARCO 2013
BA. Which was the greatest challenge that you have faced this last year?
BM. Making interviews every three months requires long hours of reading, analysis and consolidation of articles. Moreover, the own development of interviews and reports… The magazine itself is an entire challenge, you do not know how the sale will go, if the cover will succeed… It is a challenge to break through in the Spanish market with a small project developed by a small team. Growing is a challenge, and we are growing, thanks to the support and work of many others. However, we still have long way to go and many challenges to confront…
BA. What are the goals for BEIS from now on?
BM. I expect to follow the same path, offering quality information to readers in order to fulfil their needs.
 I also expect to continue collaborating with fairs, and to expand our distribution to South America. At the same time, I want to collaborate with other entities in this market sector, young companies, young entrepreneurs like me, who fight for what the truly believe and make it real. If we support each other, we will grow together. I am also expecting to increase BEIS’ popularity turning it into the SUMMA Artis of the contemporary art, placed in shelfs inside houses or even as a tool in schools and universities (what is already starting to happen!).
From Beyond Arting we wish you the best for this upcoming year with BEIS Magazine and its team, and congratulations for the magnificent resulst of this first year!

Selected artists for Beyond Arting Platform

Beyond Arting has the pleasure to present the 8 artists who have been selected by the jury this past Thursday the 13th of February to be part of our project Beyond Arting Platform.


We wish you a wonderful day!

SAU: First urban art auction in Spain

Beyond Arting launches together with PAC Plataforma Arte Contemporáneo  a new Project  as the closure of the ARCO week in Madrid. The project is SAU Subasta Arte Urbano, which is the first urban art auction in Spain.

SAU Subasta Arte Urbano

Throughout many decades street art has been very criticized due to its association to social and political recrimination, to vandalism and to the intervention of public and private properties. However, in the recent years, the work of these artists has started to be recognised, and we have all seen how urban art has slowly gained protagonism. There are numerous examples of cities that create tours around their street art pieces, brands that incorporate urban artists’ designs to their image, or site-specific commissions of graffiti to cover  and illustrate buildings.  And in the art market street art is surprising its players everyday.


Maya Hayuk “Melt the Guns” in London. Source: Brooklyn Street Art

Urban art is a segment of the contemporary art market that is strongly growing internationally, and we have all seen how street pieces have been adapted to new formats and have moved from the streets to the galleries, museums and auction houses.


Banksy Paintings For Auction In Bonhams Urban Art Sale. Source: Zimbio

It is remarkable how, during the contemporary art week in Spain, where several fairs like ARCO, JustMad, ArtMadrid or JäälPhoto, and other art events take place, there is a lack of initiatives to support urban art. This gap, in a period focused on contemporary art, has driven us to create a project which focus is to support the work of these magnificent urban artists.


 Mural by the artist Borondo in Arcidosso, Italy. Source: Street Art News

SAU is a one-day event that will count with the exhibition of unique artwork from 26 artists and that will end with their sale through auction. Some of the artists who will be taking part of the project are 3ttman, Ana Taratiel, Borondo, Dems333, DosJotas, E1000, Felipe Pantone, Kaufman, Noaz, Nuria Mora, Okuda, Rallito X, Rosh333, Sabek, Sen 2 Figueroa, Santiago Morilla, Spok or Suso33, among others.  The Project counts with the collaboration of IAM Ink and Movement and the sponsorship of Absolut.

SAU Subasta Arte Urbano will take place on Sunday the 23rd of February at Príncipe de Vergara 46, Madrid, and the exhibition will be open to public from 12 pm. Auction will take place at 6 pm (free entrance).

6. Flyer SAU

We will love to see you there! No doubt the event will be a great success!

ARCO & Satellite fairs in Madrid 2014

There are nine days left for 33th edition of the most important contemporary art fair in the Spanish market ARCO. Open from the 19th to the 23rd of February, there are many other art events happening on the same week and transforming Madrid city in the center of the arts in Spain. Other art fairs such as Art Madrid, JustMad, and Jäälphoto, will take place in the city during the weekend together with many other interesting art events.


ARCO, founded in 1982, was one of the earliest contemporary art fairs in the international art market. Over the years, it has evolved incorporating different programmes for galleries and artists in order to become a platform for cultural exchange and a must in the Spanish art market.


On this edition, ARCO has included 18 more galleries to the general programme of the fair, as well as the special programme on Focus Finland with 13 galleries coming from Helsinki, which is being commissioned by Leevi Haapala. The reason for choosing Finland as a guest of honour, is to create an awareness on the Finnish art in Spain, and to introduce new Nordic audience to ARCO. On the other hand, the Solo Projects programme, which is mainly focused on Latin America, works around the promotion of cultural exchange between Latin America and Europe.


At the same time, and as mentioned previously, other art fairs take place during this week. JustMad opens its 5th edition with a new experimental approach, which is a higher focus on emerging national and international art. Moreover, the ninth edition of Art Madrid will take place in Palacio Cibeles with 50 exhibitors that work with Modern and Contemporary art. On the other hand, the second edition of the young art fair Jäälphoto, mainly focused on photography, takes place in the capital from the 21st to the 23rd.


Therefore, do not miss all these fantastic art events. If you are around Madrid those days from Beyond Arting we truly recommend you to have a look at the art calendar and do not stop visiting ARCO and the satellite fairs in Madrid city.

Have a very nice week!

Amigos Marca España talk about Beyond Arting

Today Amigos Marca España has published an article about Beyond Arting: READ ARTICLE

Hope you like it!


Instituto Inhotim in Brazil: Great contemporary art collection

Instituto Inhotim is one of the largest open air museums in Latin America and hosts one of the most relevant contemporary art collections in the entire world. Located near Brumadinho in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Instituto Inhotim takes up to 100 acres of natural beauty with a fantastic historical and cultural wealth. Over the years the park has been transformed into a unique land, where contemporary art pieces merge with the magnificent landscape, providing its visitors with a unique experience.


Magic Square #5 by Hélio Oiticica. Source: Cultura Colectiva

Instituto Inhotim was created at first in the mid 80s by Bernardo Mello Paz in his private plot, and it was not until 2002 that the Cultural Institute of Inhotim was founded as a non-profit institution, and until 2006 that this institution opened to public, becoming the most visited museum of contemporary art in Brazil.

Inhotim2 Tunga Troue Rouge. Source: Eduardo Eckenfels

This institution is focused on the production, exhibition and conservation of contemporary art, hosting over 100 artists from 30 different countries. Moreover, the Institute works in the development of educational and social programmes in order to involve visitors and the surrounding community into the appreciation of art.


Narcissus Garden by Yayoi Kusama. Source: Cultura Colectiva

On the other hand, Instituto Inhotim includes pavilions with permanent and temporary exhibition surrounding its botanical gardens. Art pieces for the permanent collection of the Institute have been exquisitely selected over the last decades, and sycu collection includes important artworks by renown international artists such as Hélio Oiticica, Adriana Verejao, Vik Muniz, Anish Kapoor, Steve McQueen, Yayoi Kusama, Edgar de Souza, Jasvas Lopes or Larry Clark.


Untitled by Edgar de Souza. Source: Science of the Time


Troca-Troca by Jarbas Lopes. Source: Basenow

Therefore if you have the opportunity do not miss a visit to such a magnificent and unique site because it is breathtaking.

Have very nice day!

26th edition of London Art Fair

The 26th edition of London Art Fair takes place this upcoming weekend at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. From the 15th to the 19th of January this art fair will be open to public as the main event for Modern British and Contemporary art. On this edition the art fair hosts 93 galleries in the main area, which are mainly focused on Modern and Contemporary British art,  together with 35 Art Proijects’ galleries, which essentially centralize international Contemporary art and features large-scale installations, solo shows, and group exhibitions.


Art installation from the Art Projects at London Art Fair. Source: Art Projects

This secondary art event has become an important venue for local art. However in the last years London Art Fair has incorporated different projects and programmes in order to attract more international galleries and collectors to the fair. Such programmes have shifted the fair towards a more dynamic and interesting attraction for international art professionals in London.


In partnership with The Hepworth Wakefield Museum, this year the fair has a new special and unique exhibition, Barbara Hepworth and the Development of British Modernism, which brings together exceptional works by Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and their contemporaries. Such exhibition has been curated by Drances Buy, Head of The Hepworth Wakefield, and features the highlights of the museum’s collection.

On the other hand, Photo50 is a special programme of the London Art Fair, which has been curated by Charlie Fellowes and Jeremy Epstein, and shows 50 digital works of art at the named Immaterial Matter.


Kate Steciw ‘Background, Basic, Bright, Burlap…’ at London Art Fair. Source: Photo50

Therefore if you are around London this weekend do not miss this fantastic art fair.

Have a lovely weekend!

First solo show of Cai Guo-Qiang in Australia

The Chinese artist Cai Guo-Giang is currently presenting his work in his first solo show in Australia. Such exhibition is taking place in the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in Brisbane from the 23rd of November, and will remain open to public until the 14th of May. The exhibition Cai Guo-Qiang: Falling Back to Earth brings together impressive and unique art installations, transforming the gallery space and attracting visitors to interact with the art pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 11.36.28Aci Guo-Qiang at Cai Guo-Qiang: Falling Back to Earth in GOMA, Brisbane. Source: Cai Gou-Qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang is a very experienced Chinese artist based in New York whose artworks are located in different institutional and private collections worldwide. Over the past 25 years Cai Guo-Qiang has exhibited his work in some of the most prestigious institutions in the art market, such as the Guggenheim Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Moreover, Gou-Qiang has already exhibited his work in Australia in two occasions at the Asia Pacific Triennial.

r226453_898536Cai Guo-Qiang installation at Guggenheim New York 2008. Source: Nihil Alienum

Cai Guo-Qiang: Falling Back to Earth presents fantastic art pieces and among them there are two large installations, Heritage 2013 and Head On, which bring together a vast number of animal replicas fabricated at a studio in Fujian Province in China under the artist supervision.

The installation Heritage 2013, which was exclusively created for this show and inspired on the Australian landscape,  has nearly brought to life 99 animals around a lake. The water whole was excavated on the floor of the gallery in order to make possible the artist intention. Such magnificent piece has been already purchased by the Queensland Art Gallery Collection in order to keep Cai Guo-Qiang’s as part of Australia’s cultural heritage.

cai_bannerHeritage 2013 by Cai Guo-Qiang at GOMA Brisbane. Source: QAGOMA

 Head On is part of Deutsche Bank Collection and is located in the Guggenheim Museum in Berlin. Such art piece, which was created in 2006, was built with a pack of 99 life-like wolfs hanging from the ceiling and running through an invisible space inside the gallery.

2013_HeadOn_Queensland_A1237_003_ltrHead On by Cai Guo-Qiang at GOMA, Brisbane. Source: Cai Gou-Qiang

These works mean a shift in the artist’s career from the ‘cosmos-focus’ to a vision of the human relationship with the earth and with other human beings, entering a more physical world.

If you have the chance to go to Brisbane don not miss this fantastic exhibition.

Have a very nice week!