Red Rugs: New proposal for art and design

Red Rugs is a Portuguese company launched by the young entrepreneur Martim de Brion focused on the idea of combining art and design. This venture merges art and handcrafted carpets in order to achieve art designed rugs. Red Rugs works with renown international artists, who create unique designs for these limited edition rugs. The combination of the artist’s design and the traditional manufactured process results to be itself a magnificient work of art.


In Beyond Arting we had the opportunity to personally meet Martim de Brion, Founder and Managing Director of Red Rugs, and based in Portugal, and to ask him several questions:

Why did you decide to launch Red Rugs?

I have always been interested in the multidisciplinary attitude of the arts; artists using other mediums and criss-crossing disciplines, such as architecture, design and vice versa. This had been for a while out of fashion, but has been surging back in the last few years. Furthermore, rugs are very interesting pieces in order to engage in this interdisciplinary dialogue, since they are objects which are to be used for the house on the floor. This makes the artist have to take in consideration, apart from the different medium, the different point of view and attitude of the buyer/user. Hence, creating many interesting possibilities. Apart form the more artistic side I believe it made sense economically, since it provides a multinational platform for the artists to be shown and the product can be sold and represented anywhere in the world.


Design by the Portuguese artist Sofia Areal for Red Rugs

Do you work directly with artists or with their art galleries/agents?

Here it depends on the artist, some only do these projects through their galleries some prefer to do it directly

How have you managed to involve well established artists to create unique designs for Red Rugs?

I believe here the project speaks for itself, it is a good idea, with space to grow, and this increases the chances of artist engagement and interest. Additionally, once one artist or two are on-board its always easier for others to be interested.

RedRugs_Luis Gordillo_Specifying a Thought 2013_1

Design by the Spanish artist Luis Gordillo for Red Rugs

Could you explain to us the creation process from the artist to the final product?

Basically once the artist is on-board and agrees to the project, he or she will design a work specifically made to be reproduced as a rug. This done, we strive to reproduce the design as faithfully as possible and manufacture a great quality hand made rug. One has to have in special attention the design possibilities of the material used in the rug, in our case, 100% wool and the colours available.

What are your next steps for the near future?

We are organising now the launch in Lisbon and Porto as well as Madrid. We will continue to increase our collaboration with varied artists and to be present in events and fairs.


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Do not miss Red Rug’s WEB with the latest rug designs and news!

From Beyond Arting we truly wish the best for this entrepreneur’s  future and his innovative project.

Have a lovely day!