Review of Beyond Arting’s Tr3s. exhibition in Segovia

The first edition of the exhibition Tr3s. organised by Beyond Arting in Segovia came to its end last Sunday 13th of October evening with positive sale results. This art event attracted many curious visitors into the gallery space inside the show jumping competition location. The work by the three selected artists for this exhibition, Juan Ramón Martín, Ramón R. Colubi and Martí Moreno, resulted to be interesting unknown talents to the audience.


The exhibition display counted with two level floors, showing Martí Moreno’s sculptures and most of Ramón R. Colubi’s photographies on the ground floor. The first floor showed three photographies of R. Colubi and nine different sized sculptures by Juan Ramón Martín. The most  engaging work of art in the exhibition was a piece by Martí Moreno named Ser, placed at the main entrance of gallery space. Such fascinating piece represents an unfinished human body built with metal nuts, providing a magical effect to its viewers.

Ser-Marti? Moreno

A very attracting highlight is that Juan Ramón Martín placed two of his steel sculptures inside the competition arena, captivating everyone’s attention.


Moreover, this event counted with the presence of two of the artists, Juan Ramón Martín and Ramón R. Colubi, who gave  a brief speech about their work on Friday and Saturday, providing a better understanding of their creations and bringing art close to the audience.


Beyond Arting together with the collaboration of BEIS Magazine, Spanish magazine focused on international contemporary art, also sponsored the Small Grand Prix which took part on Saturday, as the most important competition of the day.


 Have a very nice week!