SAU: First urban art auction in Spain

Beyond Arting launches together with PAC Plataforma Arte Contemporáneo  a new Project  as the closure of the ARCO week in Madrid. The project is SAU Subasta Arte Urbano, which is the first urban art auction in Spain.

SAU Subasta Arte Urbano

Throughout many decades street art has been very criticized due to its association to social and political recrimination, to vandalism and to the intervention of public and private properties. However, in the recent years, the work of these artists has started to be recognised, and we have all seen how urban art has slowly gained protagonism. There are numerous examples of cities that create tours around their street art pieces, brands that incorporate urban artists’ designs to their image, or site-specific commissions of graffiti to cover  and illustrate buildings.  And in the art market street art is surprising its players everyday.


Maya Hayuk “Melt the Guns” in London. Source: Brooklyn Street Art

Urban art is a segment of the contemporary art market that is strongly growing internationally, and we have all seen how street pieces have been adapted to new formats and have moved from the streets to the galleries, museums and auction houses.


Banksy Paintings For Auction In Bonhams Urban Art Sale. Source: Zimbio

It is remarkable how, during the contemporary art week in Spain, where several fairs like ARCO, JustMad, ArtMadrid or JäälPhoto, and other art events take place, there is a lack of initiatives to support urban art. This gap, in a period focused on contemporary art, has driven us to create a project which focus is to support the work of these magnificent urban artists.


 Mural by the artist Borondo in Arcidosso, Italy. Source: Street Art News

SAU is a one-day event that will count with the exhibition of unique artwork from 26 artists and that will end with their sale through auction. Some of the artists who will be taking part of the project are 3ttman, Ana Taratiel, Borondo, Dems333, DosJotas, E1000, Felipe Pantone, Kaufman, Noaz, Nuria Mora, Okuda, Rallito X, Rosh333, Sabek, Sen 2 Figueroa, Santiago Morilla, Spok or Suso33, among others.  The Project counts with the collaboration of IAM Ink and Movement and the sponsorship of Absolut.

SAU Subasta Arte Urbano will take place on Sunday the 23rd of February at Príncipe de Vergara 46, Madrid, and the exhibition will be open to public from 12 pm. Auction will take place at 6 pm (free entrance).

6. Flyer SAU

We will love to see you there! No doubt the event will be a great success!