II edition of Casa//Arte in Madrid this weekend

The second edition of Casa//Arte is taking place in Madrid this weekend. From yesterday to Sunday the 15th of December Casa//Arte opens its doors to public at Palacio Cibeles in Madrid. Mainly sponsored by Absolut Network and One Shot Hotels, on this edition the art fair hosts 40 galleries in one of the most attractive venues in the Spanish capital.


Launched last year, Casa//Arte defines itself as a getaway for new artists, galleries and buyers in the market. The aim of the show is to push new artistic development in the country and motivate new young collectors into the world of the contemporary art.  Moreover, the spirit of this event is to create a friendly and transparent atmosphere where art is reachable and prices are visible to visitors.

On the previous edition the fair did not present works with prices above 1,800€. However, such fact resulted to be a limitation for some galleries due to transport and material costs, as well as for more established artists. Therefore, on this edition, galleries dedicate a wall for artworks with prices below 800€, and the other walls of the booze for all other pieces from more stablished artists. At the same time, the new online venture The Wall Project enables the sale of art pieces through internet during and after the fair.


View of booze in Casa//Arte 2013. Source: PAC

On the other hand,  Absolut//Collection has an important role in this art fair, providing visibility to young artists who are not represented by a gallery. In fact, they present the four winners of the emerging artists award, who have the opportunity to exhibit their work at the Absolut//Collection booze, located near the entrance (number 7). The winners for this edition have been Carla Andrade, Alberto Cea, Simón Arrebola and Mirimari Väyrynen.


Alberto Cea, best ermeging artist Casa//Arte 2013. Source: Absolut Network

The opening took place yesterday at 12pm with the presence of  the mayoress of Madrid city, as well as the organizing committee. Curious visitors wanted to see the new space for the fair and the warm arty ambience, that counted with many of the artists who are exhibiting their work at the show. Moreover, other artists caught everyone’s attention while creating mural live paintings at the fair.


Indeed, the location and organisation are fantastic, and the quality level of the artists throughout the fair is superb. From Beyond Arting we truly recommend you to attend such an stimulating art event if you are around Madrid this weekend!

Have a lovely weekend!