Shady Landscape installation in Pollença

Amparo Sard is a Spanish artist from Mallorca who is currently presenting an absolutely fascinating work inside the church of Santo Domingo in Pollença, Mallorca, from the 20th of July to the 15th of September, as part of Pollença’s Summer Festival. sanntodomingo This renown Spanish artist (Mallorca, 1973) holds an exquisit background of solo and group exhibitions, awards, and collections in very relevant art institutions around the world, such as MOMA, Guggenheim Museum in New York or Loewe Foundation. She has also participated in important art fairs, such as Art Chicago, Art Cologne, LOOP, Art Brussels or ARCO. This time, this fantastic Balearic artist brings together a magnificent installation, named Shady Landscape, that has been perfectly integrated in the artistic essence of this bohemian village in the north of the island. img_14716 The installations presents a large dimension tree displayed in the centre of the darkness of the Baroque church. Built up with polyethylene, this structure is lightened, reflecting moving projections on the wall with the sound of a spiritual chorus. The artist represents an almond tree, which is the core of this piece, as the channel to bring light and immortality.  As the artist mentioned, The idea came from a Jewish tradition in which it is said that you enter the city of light – inmortality- through the base of an almond tree. The artist’s work goes far beyond the aesthetic coherence, engaging the public to understand the theoretical gesture of the artwork itself through a subliminal language. la foto The strong impact when facing Shady Landscape generates an absolute astonishing experience. This art  installation represents a life metaphor, as life goes by at a fast speed. This artwork, that combines sculpture, light projections and music, represents beliefs through shadow and knowledge through light. The large dimension projections show the grandiosity of the artist expression and maintain her admiration for natural landscapes. Don’t’ miss this two-minute video to capture the captivating essence of Shady LandscapeVideo Have a wonderful day!