Some of the best art installations of 2013!

Since today is the last day of the year 2013, from Beyond Arting we wanted to share with you what we believe have been some of the most impressive art installations of the year.

JANUARY-FEBRUARY: Ascension of polka dots on trees by Yayoi Kusama

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Ascension of polka dots on trees, Aix en Provence. Source: Kusama installation

The renown Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama created such installation and installed it in Aix en Provence in order to pay tribute to Marseille as the Capital of Culture this year. These red trees by the Japanese artist were invading the main avenue of this French city.

MARCH-APRIL: The Red Ball Project by Kurt Persche


The Red Ball Project, Paris. Source: Red Ball Project

Kurt Persche is the artist who has created a giant ball that exceeds 4.5 m high and 110 kg in order to interact with public sites and engage people in the streets. This project, which started as a commission for three different sites in St. Louis, has become a total success by visiting many different cities around the world, this year Paris and Lausanne were on the spot!

MAY-JUNE: Unwoven light by Soo Sunny Park


Unwoven light, Rice Gallery Houston. Sourse: Soo Sunny Park

The Korean artist, Soo Sunny Park, transformed the Rice Gallery space in Houston into a world of light, shadows and color by combining natural and artificial light with the stunning installation Unwoven light this year, working on the experimentation of light effects and perception of architectural space.

JULY: Bang by Ai Wei Wei


Bang, Venice Biennale. Source: Ai Wei Wei

Ai Wei Wei created the Bang installation for the German pavilion of the Venice Biennale. Such installation was made of 866 antique wood stools, as a tribute to the cultural traditions of his native country, with the handcrafted 3-leg stools that used to pass down through generations and are almost no longer in use in China.

AUGUST: Shady Lanscape by Amparo Sard


Shady Lanscape, Pollensa (Mallorca) Source: Festival Pollensa

The Spanish artist Amparo Sard created this large dimension polyethylene tree installation displayed in the centre of the darkness of the Baroque church in Pollença (Mallorca). The structure was lightened, reflecting moving projections on the wall, with the sound of a spiritual chorus, representing an almond tree as the channel to bring light and immortality.

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER: Snailovation Sydney by Cracking Art Group


Snailovation, Sydney. Source: Snail Installation

The international artistic collective Cracking Art Group put together what has been named Snailovation, 24 giant and fantastic (and quite fluorescent!) snail around the city of Sydney (Australia), made entirely from recyclable materials, in order to celebrate art in public spaces creating environmental awareness.

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER: Field of light by Bruce Munro


Field of light, Waddeson Manor. Source: Bruce Munro

Bruce Munro created six different light installations in Waddeson Manor, UK, for his exhibition Field of Light generating a magical outdoor universe. Such light exhibition, which illuminates Waddeson Gardens from 3pm, opened in November and will soon be closed to public.

From Beyond Arting we wish a wonderful evening and the best for 2014!