Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir: ‘Borders’ installation in Chicago

Chicago is hosting from the 8th of August to Spring 2014 a stunning public art installation by the artist Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir at Grand Park. Such project, named Borders, is composed by 26 figures arranged in 13 pairs, and is displayed in different spots around the park in order to temporarily become part of Chicago’s cityscape. This installation is sponsored by Bloomberg, and has already been on display in other venues in the country, such as Seattle, Dallas and New York City. BordersDag-Hammarskjold-Plaza_Photo-by-James-Ewing.4-1024x682 The artist, who is originally from Iceland, studied Fine Arts and has more than thirty years of experience exhibiting her work all around the globe in private, public and corporate collections. Human body has always been the main expression of her work throughout her entire career, and such is the case for this commission recently installed in Chicago’s Grand Park. BORDERS-NY-Ewing-GB-thumb-500x345-12609-thumb-600x414-12623-1 Borders is an installations which presents 13 pairs of life sized sculptures that combine cast aluminum and iron figures opposite to each other. The fundamental idea for the development of this project is based on how human beings are different one from each other, and at the same time, there are existing connections between all of them.  As the artist explained, The show reflects on the opposites of human existence—on division but also on unity. 6332a7e4569f067dfe8e4d88fe5abae9 The use of human sized figures engages the public to relate directly with the artis’s work and interact with these sculptures. An interesting part of this project is that the art pieces motivate the public to cross invisible borders, in order to establish a dialogue between these figures and the viewer. From Beyond Arting we truly recommend a walk through Chicago’s Grand Park if you pass by the city. Have a lovely day!