Tony Cragg’s magical universe in Mallorca

Sa Llotja, one of the main Gothic vestiges in the Balearic Islands, hosts an exhibition on one of the most prestigious British artist, Tony Cragg. The exhibition brings together a group of nine large sculptures considered to be representative examples of the artist’s work since the 80s. This small but fascinating exhibition in Palma de Mallorca, will last until the month of November, offering free access to public.


 Cragg, who has always been considered to be an innovating sculptor, has today become an emblematic figure in the international art scene. After receiving many important awards, such as the Turner Prize in 1988 or the Praemium Imperiale in 2007, as well as exhibiting his work in the most relevant galleries and museums worldwide, today is one of the most representative artist of our times.


Tony Cragg’s sculptures are a channel to analyse the natural world. His work is frequently inspired on the analysis of organic shapes and molecular structures, as a study of the relationship between art and nature. For Cragg, art must create images that make visible the poetics that art and sciencie have in common. At the same time, the artist evokes a universe of sensations and feelings inside an artistic perspective.


Moreover, Cragg develops an exploration of  different materials focused on the density and porosity, opacity and transparency, as well as lightness and heaviness, expanding a detailed analysis for each project. The development of this new perception is an idea that the artist shares with the Arte Povera movement, and that can be perceived during his entire career. Cragg works with a vast variety of solid materials, such as stone, wood, bronze or stainless steel, bringing to life incomparable works of art. The use of different patinas is the artist’s very recurred technique, incorporating a unique character to each of his creations.


The exhibition in Sa Llotja hosts very different art pieces inside a clear room, where organic forms merge with the inorganic space, and invite visitors to make their own interpretation of forms, figures or concepts. This exhibition is an intervention where the continent and content are fully compatible.  Moreover, the mixture between the sculptures, the exhibition space and the building, brings together a contrasting result between the antiquity of the infrastructure and the innovative design of the artist’s sculptures, creating Cragg’s magical universe.

In Beyond Arting we truly admire the breathtaking work of this distinctive artist.

Have a very pleasant weekend!