Virtual Motion Graffiti by Daniel Silva

The façade of the Monastery of Santa Clara in Vila do Conde, Portugal, has been transformed by the artist Daniel Silva, after being abandoned in the 17th Century. This artist has done a daring project with virtual motion graffiti, in order to bring light back again to this ancient building. Such work could definitely succeed as a proposal to attract visitors to abandoned architectural spaces. Virtual motion graffiti is the amazing effect of spectacular multicolour fume exploring the building’s infrastructure. Colour fume is originated when throwing pure pigments in water, instants before the pigments are definitely suspended in the liquid. daniel silva   The entire process was subsequently filmed, and the resulting images were superposed on the walls of the building. Such technique reproduces clouds of colour floating against the walls. Daniel Silva has created an extreme contrast between the color explosion and the sad emptiness of the building, being able to bring to the present mysterious short fragments of past life occurred inside the Monastery. Enjoy the experience!

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